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Little Things of Interest

WMS Ultima not dead, but almost

The WMS Ultima is down again, this time with electrical problems related to the ECU. We are ripping out the Offending British Electrics and hoping that will solve the nagging problems we’ve had.

First Event With a New Car

There’s an event writeup about taking my new grocery-getting powerwagon to Cal Speedway for your reading pleasure.

The Perfect Family Car

I’ve got two kids, age 4 and 2, now. It’s looking increasingly as if I’m going to keep them, so I should probably get rid of some of the four 2-seaters I’ve got, and get a car that can actually fit my whole family. It’s time for a family car, and of course I’m going to share my experiences during the search. This is that story.

The Lotus is on Ebay

Yes, the much-loved Exige is now for sale on Ebay. I’ll miss it, but with the Ultima finally coming out of its restoration, I’ve decided to sell my other track cars. I also bought a new street car last week, so I don’t have a need for the Lotus anymore. More on that in the near future, but for now, buy my cars!

Radical Crash

I started a writeup of this event, but work has prevented me from finishing it, so I might as well link to the video. Long story short, I rented a Radical because the Lotus was down for repairs, ran in a Radical race, and crashed. Yes, my first crash on track. It was lovely. I’ll post the writeup when I can, but for now the video should suffice.

New Video site

I love good track videos, and the problem is the quality of most of those online sucks, so I’ve started a new site to remedy the problem. Now I want your videos. Visit the site to check it out. If you’ve got video you want to upload, I’d love to have them. I do have a couple of requests though. Please only upload your videos, not torrents of F1 races or other copyrighted material. No street race videos. Please upload interesting stuff. Please don’t upload your entire race, unless every lap is RIVITING! Please keep uploads smaller than 100mb for now. That’s it. All uploads go into a holding pen so I can look at them before publication, so please keep it track-related. The upload page is here.

Tired of high gas prices?

There is a solution! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? For a company that boasts the motto “Don’t be evil”, Google is certainly willing to take money from hucksters.

Another Laguna Seca Video

I debated posting this, but there is one more, short HD Laguna Seca video online; drifting the Exige in T2. Fan of drifting or not, you’ve gotta admit Lotus has put together one hell of a forgiving mid-engined car!

Panasonic In-car cam update

The successor to the cam I originally wrote about, the TZ1, is on sale right now for $129! This is an awesome deal, if you’re in the market. Check out the update on the bottom of the original in-car cam writeup for more info.

High Definition Cameras for in-car Video

Wondering what I’m using to get those great new HD videos? Check out the new writeup for all the details on how you can shoot in HD for as little as $300!