Another Laguna Seca Video

I debated posting this, but there is one more, short HD Laguna Seca video online; drifting the Exige in T2. Fan of drifting or not, you’ve gotta admit Lotus has put together one hell of a forgiving mid-engined car!

Panasonic In-car cam update

The successor to the cam I originally wrote about, the TZ1, is on sale right now for $129! This is an awesome deal, if you’re in the market. Check out the update on the bottom of the original in-car cam writeup for more info.

High Definition Cameras for in-car Video

Wondering what I’m using to get those great new HD videos? Check out the new writeup for all the details on how you can shoot in HD for as little as $300!

Laguna Seca Videos

Four new Laguna videos are online (3 of the in High Definition). They include a 1:42 hotlap of Laguna, 2 entertaining laps on street tires in the damp, a splittercam video, and a new “when good laps go bad” video, of a somewhat poorly-planned pointby and the consequences of such. What fun!

Willow Springs Big Track Videos

There are new HD videos online of WSIR online. Four videos just added: 1-2007 night practice at WSIR for the Tribute to LeMans race (scary!), 1-2008 Rain laps from in-car and and the splittercam (hairy!), and a 1-2008 hotlap video on street tires (slow, but still scary!). Finally, the curse is broken, and WSIR videos are online (long story).

If you are truly Formula 1 obsessed

Or just Ferrari obsessed, then this video is for you. Raikkonen tests the F2008 in the wet. What makes this video stand out is the footage in the garage, the engineers and the Ferrari bosses.

What was so great about Ayrton Senna?

People who weren’t watching Formula 1 during the 80’s may ask this question, but anyone who’s seen Senna drive doesn’t. Here are three gems that will explain it all for the younger crowd.

New California Speedway Infield Video

This lap is a 1:12.6 in the Lotus Exige from the 10-2007 Speedventures event. It’s a pretty tidy lap.

Sparco Seats Dimensions

It is really astoundingly difficult to find in-depth dimensions for Sparco seats, for some unfathomable reason, so here they are, for your convenience.

Hayashifish is back!

Through a convoluted series of events that aren’t worth recounting, I realized today that the old Hayashifish(tm) page I wrote long ago, which translates Doug Hayashi’s always optimistic smack into his innermost thoughts was lost when SpeedVentures changed to their new site. So, without further ado, I present the same old Hayashifish in its new home.